9 Month Baby Update


My baby boy is now a little over nine months, and it is high time I made an update!

At around six months and a half, he started crawling. We had gone to a 0-5 year old play gym, so our boy got to see a lot of young kids and toddlers in action. I think it inspired him, because that same evening, he crawled for the first time!

Our son can now pull himself up to a standing position with ease. He eats two to three meals a day and is still breastfead. I started giving him whole grains at around 8 months and a half, but fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds

and legumes remain the bulk of his diet. He also started clapping his hands, and gives us “high fives”!

Starting at around six months, I loosely started the elimination communication (EC) method. Simply put, EC is the practice of becoming aware of your child’s elimination patterns, i.e. when your child needs to pee or poop, and holding them over a potty, toilet or any other receptacle while they do their thing. This is not “potty training”, it is only a way of increasing the communication between your baby/child and you, as well as making your child aware of his bodily functions in a gentle and respectful way.

At six months, I sat my boy on the potty for a few minutes three times a day after a diaper change. If he eliminated in the potty, I would say in a few words what he was doing: “you’re doing a pee pee/poop in the potty!”. By the time my boy was seven months, he was doing almost all of his pees in the potty, and by eight months, almost all of his poos. of course I still miss something from time to time, because my son is obviously too young to verbally tell me when he needs to go potty, so I have to watch his body language. I do use diapers as backups, so there is no mess to clean if I miss something. I was really impressed at how quickly my boy understood that when I held him over the potty, it was time to eliminate. As soon as I put him over the potty or toilet, he looks down at himself, concentrates and goes! I love EC because it’s much more hygenic, environmentally friendly and helps your child become aware of his bodily functions quicker. I definetly suggest reading on the topic!

Also, my son’s first tooth popped out on the day of his nine months, which explained why he had been fussier for the few days prior!

That’s all for this update, I hope you found it interesting!


6 Month Baby Update


Happy new year! I sincerely hope your holidays were filled with love and happiness… and lot’s of presents of course!

It has now been a little over six months since our little bundle of joy has arrived. He is such a strong little boy! He was exclusively breastfead up until six months, and we are slowly introducing bits of food to him. We follow the baby led weaning (BLW) method. In a nutshell, BLW is giving the baby whole pieces of food, such as a peeled banana, carrot sticks, berries…rather than making purees. We let our baby explore food with all of his senses. We do no force him to eat anything; he sometimes just takes one bite of the piece of food we give him, then plays with it, exploring the different textures. He doesn’t have any teeth yet, so he can only try to suck the juice out of whatever piece of fruit or vegetable we give him. So far he has had lemon (which he LOVES), limes, clementines, blackberry, avocado, carrot and bell pepper. I plan on making him try nut butters soon, for allergy testing and prevention. When his first teeth come out, we will be giving him more diverse foods, such as boiled potatoes, legumes, smoothies, steamed veggies, mashed avocado with finely chopped greens, etc. My greatest inspiration for baby and toddler nutrition is Ellen Fisher, a vegan Youtuber mom. Her kids radiate health, it’s beautiful to see!

My dear son can now sit up all by himself and maintain a plank position for a few seconds. He can’t crawl yet, but he can push himself backwards at a pretty impressive speed, when he wants to. He seems to understand his name when we call it, and he is very interractive.

Sleepwise, he usually takes three 30 to 90 minute naps during the day, and goes to sleep between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. He wakes up between 6:30 am and 8:00 am. He only wakes up two to three times per night, and it has been this way since he was about three and a half months. He only wakes up for a few minutes to drink and falls asleep immediately afterwards. We co-sleep, so I just feed him while lying down and go back to sleep myself, my arms always in a safe “c” position around his head and torso to prevent pillows or blankets from covering his face. If you bed-share, always follow the safety guidelines: https://www.askdrsears.com/topics/health-concerns/sleep-problems/sleep-safety/cosleeping-safely

Healthwise, all is well! However, with all the family gatherings, my little boy was bound to catch a cold, because so many people aound us had one. He coughed a little for about a week, and one time, as he sneezed, some snot came out, but I just wiped it off and that was it. Breastfeeding is pretty powerful! I, on the other hand, got a very long cold that lasted for over a week and a half! No headache or throat pain, just very congested, but still extremely annoying. I do not recall ever having a cold lasting this long. I feel like all of my antibodies were going to the baby (which is a good thing, mind you). I am just so grateful none of us got the flu!

All in all, it has been an amazing six months! Of course, having a baby is challenging, but it is the most rewarding, fascinating, beautiful thing in the world! Pregnancy, birth, parenthood…it is experiencing the miracle of life first hand! We are so thankful for our happy, healthy baby!


Happy Mamma Happy Baby


Today I wanted to write about something that I think is very important for us mothers (and fathers of course!). When our bundle of joy finally arrives, whether it is your first or your sixth, it is always important to make sure that we take care of our mental and physical well-being as much as possible. We have to make and take some time for ourselves everyday to just relax.


  • spend some time with your significant other
  • take a hot shower
  • treat yourself to a warm cup of your favorite beverage (winter is here…!)
  • make a diy manicure/pedicure
  • watch an episode of your favorite TV show
  • squeeze in your favorite exercise session
  • meditate
  • invite a friend for a cup of tea
  • doll yourself up…

or just take a NAP!

As mothers, we really need to recharge our batteries at some point during the day… we are better mothers when we do so. I know that even if I just take 20 minutes for myself during the day, to do exactly what I feel like doing, I can feel like a whole person again. It relaxes me and makes my day with baby so much better! I truly think that when we are happy, our children are happier because our emotions do show in our demeanor, in the way we speak to our children, to our significant other, etc.

If you are having symptoms of postpartum depression, or any other mental illness, it is very important to seek professional help as soon as possible! Also, this has probably been said a million times, but it is very important to maintain good communication and be affectionate with your significant other after baby arrives. Take a few minutes to cuddle on the couch every day, hug and kiss! Show eachother appreciation for all of the hard work you are doing…

If you are happy, you will smile more, be calmer, more patient…your baby/child will be happy too, with a healthy, happy mother!

Take care of yourself, be happy, be healthy, and enjoy life! Mom life is crazy amazing fun… but we have to press “pause” at least once in a while so that we can enjoy it to the fullest <3



3 Month Postpartum Update


It has been a little over three months since we welcomed our little bundle of joy into this world. Time flies! So many of his clothes are already too small… Our little boy can sit up if we give him our fingers to hold on to and he is starting to gain control of his hands. Toys finally seem interesting to him, so it is easier to entertain and play with him now. I suspect his gums are hurting him because he started drooling a lot and keeps trying to bite everything he sees!

On my side, I am loving motherhood. There are so many special moments in a day, the best being his amazingly cute toothless smiles <3 Since our little boy requires the majority of my attention, our home is not as clean as it used to be… We decided to hire help, i.e. my little brother, to do some cleaning once a week so that I can really focus on our little boy and not stress over the accumulating dishes and dust. Hubby is in Mechanical Engeneering in University, and has to work through an impressive pile of homework every week so he barely has any time for family, let alone housework. We are somehow balancing things pretty well timewise, though, considering everything!

On the topic of weight loss…I now have lost all of the weight gained during pregnancy, and then some. Breastfeeding absolutely helped of course. I also take a 30-45 minute walk every day and do a mother-baby workout about three times a week from youtube videos. Breastfeeding, exercise, and a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds did the trick. I am happy that I can say I feel amazing three months postpartum!


One Month Postpartum + Breastfeeding

Life with a new tiny human is magical. Granted, it’s tireing, but wonderful none the less. Our baby boy started smiling almost right after birth (mostly in his sleep though) and it made our heart melt every time! Now he smiles all the time and it still makes our hearts melt. I think it always will.

When we went to the birthing center for the 3 week checkup, my midwife said I was healing very nicely, but of course, no one can get around some form of discomfort after childbirth. A strange symptom I had from giving birth was that some nerves had been damaged in my nether regions so I was almost completely numb down there for about a month. I found this to be a good thing because I barely felt any discomfort when I went to the loo. It was scary at first though, because I was afraid that it would be permanent, and that would suck for the obvious reasons. I talked to my midwife about it and she reassured me that this happened sometimes and that it should be temporary.

Apart from that, I was doing fine, the bleeding was heavy the first three days, then became more like a light period. The bleeding stopped completely after three weeks.

My breastfeeding experience so far

My son finally latched on after about 20 minutes of trying, but as soon as he got it, he was drinking like a champ. I didn’t have any problems with breastfeeding after that, except that his latch on the left breast was bad. It really hurt me and made him swallow a lot of air, which made him fussy. When I noticed that his latch was the issue, after about a week and a half, I corrected it and he stopped being fussy. The pain dimmed down for me but I still got cracked nipples (super painful by the way) but I stuck through it by using lanolin cream and breast milk to soothe my nipples. The pain gradually went away after the first week and was completey gone as the fifth week rolled by. I can’t imagine not giving my son mothers milk. It’s so convenient and it makes the mother-child bond so much stronger! However, if you can’t breastfeed, there are other ways to  create a solid bond; for example, by cradling your baby when giving her the bottle, babywearing, etc.

I love my new mom life! My husband is also very supportive and took care of all the household chores for the first few weeks postpartum so that I could get proper rest and an easier recovery. My family and my husband’s family were also very helpful during that time, and I am extremely thankful for that. Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by family!


My Birth Story

My contractions started on July 5th, 2017 at around 6:30 am, less than 48 hours after my membrane sweep. I was at 40 weeks and four days into my pregnancy. The contractions were regular and did not go away after a hot shower. Luckily, my husband was not working that day so he was with me from the very start of my labour! From the beginning, my contractions lasted about 45 seconds and were 5-6 minutes apart. My husband, my mother (I had called her that morning) and I went for a walk in the woods around our house at noon and the contractions were already 3 minutes apart, but they weren’t too strong- maybe a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, so I decided to wait before heading to the birthing center. My water broke at 1:30 pm and the contractions started to be stronger. By 2:30 pm, I decided it was time to go because my contractions were now 2 minutes appart and were lasting for a minute. I could still talk through them but it was starting to be difficult to do so.

We arrived at the birthing center at around 3:00 pm and went to our room. For about two hours I walked around and stretched on the birthing ball, focusing on my breathing. I was sick twice (sorry if TMI!) and the midwife suggested that I go into the bath tub because apparently I looked pale. And I was: I didn’t have any breaks between contractions; I was in constant pain (6-7 on a scale of 1 to 10, but it still was draining all of my energy).

The bath worked like magic for me. The pain between my contractions were completely gone and the contractions were less painfull! I litterally went from thinking ­”Gee, epidurals aren’t such a dumb invention after all” to “Honey, we should have brought some board games!”

After 37 minutes of pushing, my beautiful baby boy was born! He was 8.5 pounds of perfect health, and very strong <3

All in all, birth was a challenging, yet wonderful experience for me and I will definetely have another water birth with the midwives!



First Pregnancy, Third Trimester

The third trimester was no different than the second appart from the fact that my stomach was getting bigger and rounder. The only discomfort I had started at 38 weeks. I had pelvic discomfort when I would sit down because the baby’s head was already engaged at +1 (on a scale of -5 to +5) which is apparently very rare before active labour, especially for a first pregnancy.

I also would get slightly dizzy and uncomfortable if I would stand for too long. I gained my recommended amount of thirty pounds during my pregnancy, which is probably a reason why the symptoms were not very bothersome, as I didn’t gain an excessive amount of weight.

I had two false alarms at 38 and 40 weeks respectively. Since the baby hadn’t decided to come, at 40 weeks, 2 days, I got a membrane sweep and at this point, my baby’s head was at +2! My contractions started on the morning of my 40 weeks and 4 days, and my baby boy was born at 7:17 pm that same night!

First Pregnancy, Second Trimester

There really isn’t much to say about this trimester except that from the 16th week onwards, I felt amazing! My libido was back on track, the nausea was GONE and my energy levels were sky-high . I would take a small nap during the day and would sleep for about eight hours at night. I would usually exercise twice a day for 30 minutes, doing either walking or yoga. I craved a lot of fresh fruits and veg, especially cucumbers. My belly really started showing at the end of the second trimester. I also started having painless braxton-hicks contractions. I had no circulation problems or any other typical pregnancy discomforts unless I would stay standing for too long; I would get dizzy and need to sit down.

That’s it for my second trimester review!


First Trimester, First Pregnancy!

Hello world!

I wanted to write a review of my first trimester of my first pregnancy simply for me to remember and also to share my experience with anyone who may be curious to know more about my pregnancy or just pregnancies in general.

I took a pregnancy test at around five weeks after my last period, but it came out negative. I had no pregnancy or period-like symptoms at all, so I was confused with my body, to say the least. Since my period was still absent a week later, I took another pregnancy test, and this time, two dark lines appeared! I was so happy yet slightly surprised and immediately went to tell my husband and he hugged me. He was happy, but also slightly shocked because our baby wasn’t 100% planned, but since we opted to use the calendar method as contraception, we were both fully aware that we had a 25% chance of being blessed with welcoming a new life by the end of the year. And so we were: it had been around one year since we started using this method as a contraceptive when I fell pregnant.

*Note: Since I was aware that I could become pregnant any month, I had already started taking prenatal vitamins as a precaution prior to my pregnancy.

So, up until the end of the ninth week of pregnancy, I had no symptoms except for constipation. After that, I got intense fatigue and all-day nausea, but I would only be sick every second morning or so. This lasted up until the sixteenth week. Towards the fourteenth week, I became aware of what helped decrease my nausea: alkaline foods such as vegetable soups, bean salads, green smoothies, whole grains and chips. Crackers didn’t work for me at all for some reason. I will incorporate these foods straight from the start in my next pregnancies!

I got cleared by my midwife to exercise during pregnancy and you should always get cleared by your doctor or midwife to do so! Also remember to listen to your body… Pregnancy is no time to push your exercise regimen to the max! During the first trimester, I walked to University everyday and back, which was 40 minutes total. I did this five days a week. I also continued my bootcamp workout class twice a week, but the instructor obviously gave me modified versions of the exercises she was making us do to keep it safe for baby and me.

About weight gain… I actually did not gain any weight duing the first trimester because of morning sickness and nausea, but I didn’t loose any either. After the sixteenth week, my apetite became ravenous though! I will post my second trimester review soon, as I will be starting my third trimester in a few days…time flies!