Stimulating Activities For Toddlers

Dear overwhelmed parents,

I thought it would be fun to share the things I do with my toddler (15 months) that make my day easier, more productive and, most importantly, helps my boy develop important life skills in a fun way. Some of these ideas were inspired by my parents, some by my in -laws, some by looking up Montessori activities on Pinterest, and others by follwing my mommy instincs. You will see that these are all easy and simple things you can incorporate in your daily routine, if they seem fun to you. All you will need is a little extra patience, sometimes.

#1 Let your toddler play with real musical instruments.

As we all know toddlers can lack a little finesse, so expensive and delicate instruments are an obvious no-no. At home, we have a second-hand keyboard piano that we installed at toddler height. My son adores pressing on all the different buttons and making different sounds on the keyboard! Little drums, recorders and xylophones are also great. My boy also really loves sitting on his grandpa’s knees while he plays drums!

#2 Show your toddler how to help you with laundry.

This tip was inspired by my mother-in-law, when she managed to fold our entire weeks’ laundry in one go with my boy right beside her. I was literally flabbergasted when I saw this. What she did (and what I now do) is place the little one in his crib with the fence lowered down to the max, and put all of the clean and dry laundry into the crib with him. My mother-in-law then started folding the clothes and my son soon started handing the items to her so that she could fold them. It’s crazy to see how much kids love being helpful and how it makes them feel so proud!

Another thing I now do is I put him down beside me in the laundry room and hand him the clothes straight out of the washing machine and he puts them in the dryer. It’s time consuming, but so adorable.

#3 Let them help you in the kitchen.

I often let my son wash some fruits or vegetables for me. I place two large bowls on a towel on the kitchen floor. One bowl is filled with water, the other is the  one you show your toddler to put the clean fruit and veg in.  You will be amazed at how quickly your toddler will understand what to do! I could see so much pride in my son’s face as he dipped the veggies in the water (he didn’t scrub them or anything, though–you have to start somewhere!) and placed them in the pot! Another thing to do is to let your toddler help you with other aspects of food preparation, using a kitchen helper stool. I don’t have one yet, but we will be buying one for christmas, when our little one will be about 18 months old.

#4 Read a book to your toddler, or let them look at the pictures all by themselves, if they enjoy a little quiet time on their own. 

This may seem obvious to you, but reading books to your baby/toddler is an excellent way to boost both cognitive and fine motor skills. Reading is also a beautiful and relaxing way to bond with your child. My son LOVES it when I read stories to him. I started reading to him when he was about 3 months old, and he has been captivated by books and imges ever since. Now, he loves to just sit by himself and look at the pictures and turn the pages. I only give cardboard books to him because he still needs to practice being more delicate with his little fingers. Giving him cardboard  books is a great way to practice dexterity and fine motor skills, though. Reading helps stimulate the imagination and increase your child’s vocabulary. It is also a nice way to include quiet time in your daily routine. It is never too early or too late to start reading to your little one. I try to read in a way that seems as if I am telling a story; I fluctuate my voice at the appropriate moments and use a dynamic, joyful tone of voice to make the story feel more alive and captivating. Reading aloud is a skill worth practicing, and your young child is your perfect subject!

#5 Outdoor play

Playing outdoors is so stimulating and healhy for your child that it should never be neglected. Living in Canada, I must admit it is a struggle for me to bring myself to take my little one outside everyday during the cold and grey months. Just the thought of having to put on the winter suit, the gloves, the hat, the boots, the scarf, etc is making me ehausted! But I push through, rain, snow or shine, even if it is just for 20 minutes, on the really ugly days. There are so many things to discover in the outside world! Nature’s toys are the best you could ever offer to your child. Let them get dirty. Let them play with sticks, leaves and dirt. Outside, kids develop motricity and creativity while filling their lungs with fresh air, getting vitamin D and physical activity. If you live in an appartment with no backyard whatsoever, try to take your toddler to the park everyday as part of your routine. If your child is in daycare, I would make sure that the educators aim to take the kids outside everyday.

So these are my five top ideas of stimulating things to do with your toddler.

Do you do any of these things with your toddler? Share your thoughts and comments down below!





Healthy Life Hacks

Hello world!

When I was starting out on my healthy lifestyle journey a few years ago, I would always look up for life hacks that would make it easier for me to include more healthy habits into my every day life. I thought I would share the healthy life hacks I used and still use to stay healthy and fit. These things have honestly made my life easier and healthier (and my waist slimmer!). Please leave a comment down below if you have any tips and ideas to share for a healthier lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional, and this advice does not and should not replace any medical advice delivered by a certified health practitioner or registered dietitian. I am merely sharing what has worked for me. Please understand that everyone is different, so different things might work for you.

Now that this is out of the way, here are the things that worked for me!

#1 Keep a large water bottle in the fridge or near you at all times and make sure you finish it all by the end of the day. Drink upon waking, between meals, during and after sports, and whenever you’re thirsty, obviously.

#2 Drink apple cider vinegar every day. This is actually something I started doing recently because I was suffering from bad bloating after eating certain foods, and it has completely disappeared. I can absolutely notice the difference on the days I don’t drink it, which doesn’t happen often, lemme tell ya. I take 2 tablespoons unpasteurized AVC before my first meal, either straight up, or mixed with water, ice cubes and maple syrup, to taste.

#3 Eat high volume foods. This is how I trick myself into eating less calories while still feeling full and getting a ton of nutrients in. I love to eat massive amounts of food, so now I pack my plate with a mountain of vegetables and/or fruits before adding the calorie dense foods, such as legumes, grains, nuts and seeds. I am not advocating any form of drastic calorie restriction. Each person has different caloric needs, and should adjust their diet accordingly. I still eat 2000+ calories a day using this concept, and feel perfectly satisfied. If I didn’t focus on including a lot of high volume foods, I could eat well over 3000 calories of healthy but calorie dense foods which I don’t need.

#4 Add greens to everything. A handful of spinach to your smoothies, kale in your tomato sauces, a generous side of brocolli…you get the picture. My favorite way to eat greens is sauteed with onions, mushrooms and smoked tempeh or tofu.

#5 Sprinkle chlorella, spirulina or even better, phytoplankton powder (great DHA plant source) on your air popped popcorn. You can barely taste it, and if you like sushi, you will love the mild aftertaste. I also add salt and pepper. I do this like, three times a week. Hey, popcorn counts as whole grains, stop judging me.

#6 Practice intermittent fasting daily. No need to go all or nothing on this. On most days, I do the 16:8 method, where I only drink water, tea or coffee for 16 hours of the day, and have two-three larger meals between 11 AM and 7 PM. There are many other ways of doing this, so I suggest you do your own research about what suits you best. I suggest watching Fledge Fitness on YouTube.

#7 Use 3 parts water to 1 parts plant milk of choice for hot chocolate. I love hot chocolate and have it every other day, so I had to find a way to make it healthy. I sweeten it with part erythritol, part maple syrup, and add spices such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, curcumin, vanilla and cinnamon.

#8 Have dessert for breakfast. This is probably my favorite health life hack. One of my greatest passions in life is finding healthy alternatives to my favorite treats, such as pudding, ice cream, chocolate, caramel, muffins, etc. And eating them to break my fast. It just curbs my cravings in a healthy way for the rest of the day! I often have chocolate oatmeal, banana nice cream with salted date caramel, apples with salted date caramel, breakfast muffins using only 100% whole spelt flour and sweetened with part erythritol and part maple syrup (I live in Quebec, Canada, so maple syrup is cheap here). Here are some of my favorite healthy dessert recipes: flourless zucchini brownies, raw carrot cake, chickpea cookie dough, date caramel, and last but certainly not least, banana “nice” cream 5 ways.

#9 Eat more protein. I have seen a big difference in my body composition and satiety since including more protein rich foods into my diet. I eat between 70 and 100 grams of protein per day. Note that I am still breastfeeding my toddler and workout about three times a week, so you might not need as much if you aren’t doing those things, but you also might need more depending on your size and activity level. I suggest experimenting with different macro ratios for a few weeks using chronometer or something similar.

#10 Have fitness goals. Focus on things you want to be able to do, and abilities you want to develop. This will make staying active so much fun and exiting that you’ll always want to keep at it. For example, I started doing calisthenics and high intensity interval training a few months ago to get rid of the last few pounds of pregnancy weight I still had to lose. What’s more, I love yoga and have been doing it for years, but I now am pushing my practice further by learning contortion. When I have more time, when the kids will be older, I will start dancing again, and pick up my kickboxing classes. Do you see what I mean? Staying fit can and should be fun and exciting!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks to make a healthy lifestyle easier!

I wish you all the best on your health journey ❤💪🌱😋


My 10 Favorite Vegan Fall Recipes

Hello beautiful people!

Today I wanted to share my favorite late-summer and fall vegan recipes.

If you try any of these recipes, leave a comment down below to say how you liked it or take a picture of your meal and tag me on Instagram @Lua Miazga!

Cauliflower BBQ Wings 

These are just AMAZING! I brought some to a family potluck and everybody adored them, vegan or not. They are also much healthier and their traditional counterpart. Win win!

High Protein Edaname Mango Summer Salad 

The mix between the beans, the corn, the mango and fresh basil is just phenomenal. Perfect for a light yet filling lunch or diner.

Best Ever Lentil Soup

This recipe was rated 5 stars by over 650 people. Need I say more?

Root Vegetable Power Bowl With Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce

Roasted Root Vegetables with Tomatoes and Kale 

I just love Buddha bowls. And Root vegetables. They are just so satisfying!

Autumn Roasted Red Beet Salad

Detox Beet Soup With Coconut Milk

Beets are so in season right now, and so healthy for you! I make tons of recipes with beets these days and can’t get tired of them.

High Protein Lentil Bolognese

This sauce is amazing on any type of noodles you enjoy, but I especially love it on zucchini noodles or butternut squash noodles. YUM!

One Pot Curry Coconut Quinoa Sweet Potato Lentils

This recipe is so convenient to make, super filling and high in protein because of the Quinoa and lentils!

Cilantro Guacamole Chickpea Salad

If you like Cilantro, avocados and chickpeas, this recipe is for you! It’s delicious as a side or even in sandwiches or wraps!

….and here is a bonus, because fall CANNOT be spent without a cup of hot chocolate, in my opinion!  You can sub the honey for maple syrup or any other natural sweetener if you prefer.

have a wonderful day!


Education for Compassion

One of my favorite quotes about veganism is:

The Earth is here for ALL of us, not SOME of us

I love this quote because its meaning is simple, gentle and yet very clear. It’s so absurd for us to be so self-centered as to think non-human animals are here for us to enslave… My heart aches every time I think about our past with human slavery, about the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust, and all of the abuse that still takes place today around the world. I realized not so long ago that those things would never have happened, at the very least not on the scale that it did, if we did not kill innocent beings for food or steal their milk or take advantage of them in any way. The Holocaust, slavery, the oppression of women and of minorities simply would not have taken place. Let me explain: we should not rate a being’s worth from our beliefs about its intelligence, it’s physical traits, culture, religion, etc, but rather by asking ourselves : can this being suffer? Does it have the will to live and grow? We will be able to respect and value the most vulnerable life forms, and as soon as we stop saying “its just an animal” then we will be equipped to value life in and of itself. If we are unwilling to kill a pig to eat it, then how can we kill our fellow humans? If we are unwilling to enslave cows, forcibly impregnate them and steal their milk, how can we commit rape and slavery? We will never have peace and justice on Earth so long as we continue to use the phrase “they’re only animals.” Atrocities are all based on the fact that we think that we have a right over some beings. That we are better than them. That we are smarter, stronger, more powerful, more whatever.

But why not use our intelligence, our moral agency and our strength to empower and to help those that are weaker or in need? Why not try to understand and value different types of intelligence? Why not use our wisdom to respect difference and value life, just as it is? We can live and let live.

Here is a beautiful excerpt taken from Ruby Roth’s book “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals”:

A flower will push through a crack in the sidewalk in order to feel the sun. A penguin will march thousands of miles to find food for her babies. The thunderous roar of a lion protects his family from dangers near and far. Whether it has gills, wings, whiskers, or roots, every living being shares the will to live and grow.

We are all earthlings.

I think that deep down, all humans have a compassionate, loving, caring heart and a rational mind, capable of doing good to their fellow humans, the Earth and all of its living things. I think that, given our species intelligence and moral agency, we humans have a responsibility as stewards of the Earth, and I think we are heading down the right path.

As a vegan mother, I have been asked a few times: “But what if your child want’s to eat animals or animal products later on in his life?” My reply is as follows:

I will guide my child to the best of my ability to know that violence, murder, rape, slavery and other forms of abuse are bad and cruel. I will teach him that a strong person uses his strength to help those more vulnerable, not to harm or control them.

This being said, when he will be old enough to make his own decisions, if he chooses to commit murder or to kill an animal for reasons other than self-defense or survival, then that will be his choice. I will have done everything in my power to equip him with the knowledge, kindness, compassion, courage and strength to make the right and informed decisions about these things, and I will love him no matter what.

Have a beautiful day!


One Year Baby Update

Hello! It has been about three months since I have written an update about what is up with my son. He is officially one year old now… where did all that time go? He can say “dog,” ” mama,” “dada,” and he also makes cat sounds, chicken sounds and sheep sounds, when he sees them. My little one can say “milk,”water,””food” and “all done” in baby sign language.

He is getting better and better at mimicking our gestures by the day. He recently started trying VERY hard to eat with a spoon all by himself, which is absolutely adorable, but quite messy!

He hasn’t started walking yet, but he stands up without any support and he even tries to take steps, but always falls after the first one. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES water. Rivers, lakes, pools, water parks… his face just lights up in pure bliss.

He eats a lot more now, and drinks a little less mother’s milk. I am in the process of gradually weaning him at night because he was barely dinking anything anymore. I’m replacing the night time drinks with cuddles, and he seems happy.

He now has five teeth! He doesn’t bite me though… it happened a few times, but he is definitely old enough to understand that it hurts me. I know I’m biased, but my boy is bright, communicative and always happy! Baaaahahaa just kidding on that last part… he’s not always happy of course. He cries like every other baby when he’s frustrated, hungry or tired and has cranky days when he’s teething. Generally speaking though, he is a happy, easy going baby, and I am very thankful for that ❤

That’ll be all for this update!


Edit: He started walking about three days after publishing his post!

9 Month Baby Update


My baby boy is now a little over nine months, and it is high time I made an update!

At around six months and a half, he started crawling. We had gone to a 0-5 year old play gym, so our boy got to see a lot of young kids and toddlers in action. I think it inspired him, because that same evening, he crawled for the first time!

Our son can now pull himself up to a standing position with ease. He eats two to three meals a day and is still breastfead. I started giving him whole grains at around 8 months and a half, but fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds

and legumes remain the bulk of his diet. He also started clapping his hands, and gives us “high fives”!

Starting at around six months, I loosely started the elimination communication (EC) method. Simply put, EC is the practice of becoming aware of your child’s elimination patterns, i.e. when your child needs to pee or poop, and holding them over a potty, toilet or any other receptacle while they do their thing. This is not “potty training”, it is only a way of increasing the communication between your baby/child and you, as well as making your child aware of his bodily functions in a gentle and respectful way.

At six months, I sat my boy on the potty for a few minutes three times a day after a diaper change. If he eliminated in the potty, I would say in a few words what he was doing: “you’re doing a pee pee/poop in the potty!”. By the time my boy was seven months, he was doing almost all of his pees in the potty, and by eight months, almost all of his poos. of course I still miss something from time to time, because my son is obviously too young to verbally tell me when he needs to go potty, so I have to watch his body language. I do use diapers as backups, so there is no mess to clean if I miss something. I was really impressed at how quickly my boy understood that when I held him over the potty, it was time to eliminate. As soon as I put him over the potty or toilet, he looks down at himself, concentrates and goes! I love EC because it’s much more hygenic, environmentally friendly and helps your child become aware of his bodily functions quicker. I definetly suggest reading on the topic!

Also, my son’s first tooth popped out on the day of his nine months, which explained why he had been fussier for the few days prior!

That’s all for this update, I hope you found it interesting!


Ressources utiles pour un mode de vie végan

Bonjour! Je n’écris pas souvent des articles en français, simplement car je suis plus à l’aise avec la langue anglaise à l’écrit, ayant fait la majorité de mon éducation en anglais. Je tenais tout de même à créer un article en cette langue avec des informations sur le véganisme en français car elles sont moins nombreuses et plus difficiles à trouver qu’en anglais. Vivant dans la merveilleuse province de Québec, au Canada, nombres de mes amis ne comprennent pas très bien l’anglais alors je vous offre cet article rempli de ressources pour une compréhension du mode de vie végan et sa philosophie. Évidemment, il y a beaucoup plus d’information, de livres, de médecins et diététiciens végétaliens, mais je vous présente l’information que j’ai moi-même utilisée dans mon parcours dans le véganisme. Si vous avez d’autres informations pertinentes sur le sujet, ainsi que toute autre question ou commentaire, veuillez l’écrire dans la section ci-dessous. <3

Ressources pour une alimentation végétalienne équilibrée

Sites Web :

Anne-Marie Roy (Québec), Nutritionniste-Diététicienne végétalienne :

George Laraque, Athlète professionnel :

Site Web «Kind Healthy Happy» Émilie Lefebvre (France), Diplômée du Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies:

Emeline Bacot (France) Nutritionniste-Diététicienne végétalienne:

Séverine Sénéchal (France) Nutritionniste-Diététicienne végétalienne:

Site Web pour trouver un médecin végétalien :

Fédération Végane France :

Documentaires :

La santé dans l’assiette

«What The Health» avec sous-titres en français

Super Size Me: Malbouffe à l’américaine

YouTube :

Diététiciens Végétaliens

Cynthia Marcotte


Une Fit Veggie

Natureli (étudiante en Naturopathie à l’Académie de Formation Naturopathique L.G. Inc.)

Maman Végane

La Cuisine De Jean-Philippe

Emilio / Vert Feuille

Alice Esmeralda

Lloyd Lang

Gurren Vegan


Comment ne pas mourir : ces aliments qui préviennent et renversent le cours des maladies

L’Enquête Campbell (aussi sous le nom : Le Rapport Campbell)

Le Régime «Fit For Life»


Être végan pour les animaux et l’environnement : le côté éthique

Documentaires et vidéos inspirants :

«Cowspiracy» avec sous-titres en français (Voici un lien YouTube :

Terriens (voici un lien YouTube, narration par Georges Laraque :

Le discours le plus important pour les animaux (Gary Yourofsky) :

Films :


La belle verte


Végan, par Marie Laforêt

La planète végane : penser, manger et agir autrement, par Ophélie Véron

Le véganisme, par Valéry Giroux et Renan Larue

Livres pour enfants

Ne nous mangez pas ! Vivre en respectant les animaux

Vegan is love, Avoir du coeur et agir

*voici le blog Glam & Conscious qui montre des belles images de ces deux livres et qui explique bien pourquoi on peut vouloir exposer ses enfants au véganisme!




Rethinking Alone Time With a Nursing Baby


As a breastfeeding mom, I can tell you that nursing your child is a wonderful thing, but it can get lonely at times; especially at your child’s bedtime when visiting family and friends or if you have visitors at your house. At such times, I remember having to isolate myself in a bedroom and silently hoping my baby would fall asleep quickly so that I could go enjoy the rest of the company. At one such occasion however, I decided to change my perspective. I told myself:

I have the privilege of being a woman, of nursing my child. No other person will ever feel this connection with this child. I will never have another moment like this with my son; everyday is different. He is ever-changing and ever-growing. I have to cherrish this moment of pure quiet and loving bliss, while I still can.

Since switching my view, when I am in a situation where my baby needs to sleep for the night and I have to nurse him in private, I play this mantra in my head and immediately feel serene and able to fully appreciate our special time together.

I just want to be clear that we should NEVER feel obligated to nurse in private or to “hide,” but sometimes babies need to have quiet time and be brought away from stimuli in order to drink sufficiently and/or sleep. This was especially true for us after our boy turned three months old, as he was becoming very distracted by his surroundings when he nursed.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


6 Month Baby Update


Happy new year! I sincerely hope your holidays were filled with love and happiness… and lot’s of presents of course!

It has now been a little over six months since our little bundle of joy has arrived. He is such a strong little boy! He was exclusively breastfead up until six months, and we are slowly introducing bits of food to him. We follow the baby led weaning (BLW) method. In a nutshell, BLW is giving the baby whole pieces of food, such as a peeled banana, carrot sticks, berries…rather than making purees. We let our baby explore food with all of his senses. We do no force him to eat anything; he sometimes just takes one bite of the piece of food we give him, then plays with it, exploring the different textures. He doesn’t have any teeth yet, so he can only try to suck the juice out of whatever piece of fruit or vegetable we give him. So far he has had lemon (which he LOVES), limes, clementines, blackberry, avocado, carrot and bell pepper. I plan on making him try nut butters soon, for allergy testing and prevention. When his first teeth come out, we will be giving him more diverse foods, such as boiled potatoes, legumes, smoothies, steamed veggies, mashed avocado with finely chopped greens, etc. My greatest inspiration for baby and toddler nutrition is Ellen Fisher, a vegan Youtuber mom. Her kids radiate health, it’s beautiful to see!

My dear son can now sit up all by himself and maintain a plank position for a few seconds. He can’t crawl yet, but he can push himself backwards at a pretty impressive speed, when he wants to. He seems to understand his name when we call it, and he is very interractive.

Sleepwise, he usually takes three 30 to 90 minute naps during the day, and goes to sleep between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. He wakes up between 6:30 am and 8:00 am. He only wakes up two to three times per night, and it has been this way since he was about three and a half months. He only wakes up for a few minutes to drink and falls asleep immediately afterwards. We co-sleep, so I just feed him while lying down and go back to sleep myself, my arms always in a safe “c” position around his head and torso to prevent pillows or blankets from covering his face. If you bed-share, always follow the safety guidelines:

Healthwise, all is well! However, with all the family gatherings, my little boy was bound to catch a cold, because so many people aound us had one. He coughed a little for about a week, and one time, as he sneezed, some snot came out, but I just wiped it off and that was it. Breastfeeding is pretty powerful! I, on the other hand, got a very long cold that lasted for over a week and a half! No headache or throat pain, just very congested, but still extremely annoying. I do not recall ever having a cold lasting this long. I feel like all of my antibodies were going to the baby (which is a good thing, mind you). I am just so grateful none of us got the flu!

All in all, it has been an amazing six months! Of course, having a baby is challenging, but it is the most rewarding, fascinating, beautiful thing in the world! Pregnancy, birth, parenthood…it is experiencing the miracle of life first hand! We are so thankful for our happy, healthy baby!


Useful Vegan References


As a vegan, I thought  it would be useful to create a compilation of resources for vegans, vegetarians, vegan and vegetarian curious people. The information provided below only shows the doctors, dieticians and other inspiring people I follow, as well as books I have either read or heard good reviews from. The same goes for the books, documentaries and movies mentioned. This being said, there are many, many more vegan resources out there! Feel free to leave comments down below of people, books, documentaries or movies that inspired and inspire your vegan lifestyle. If you are not vegan, feel free to leave comments as well! Remember to always stay polite, understanding and compassionate towards one another <3

First, here is a link from the American Dietetic’s Association on vegetarian and vegan diets:

Resources for Vegan Health


Dr. Greger website (plant-based nutrition information):

Dr. Neal Barnard:

Dr. Fuhrman:

Dr. Alona Pulde and Dr. Matthew Lederman: and

Dr. Thomas Campbell:

Amy Longard, RHN:

Ginny Kisch Messina, MPH, RD:

Jack Norris, RD:

Other vegan resource:


Forks over knives

What the Health

Food Matters

Supersize Me


Vegan nutritionists:

Healthy Crazy Cool

Simnett Nutrition

Your Nutrition Cure

Pick Up Limes

Vegan doctors:

Dr. Greger:

Vegan health inspiration:

Mic. the Vegan

Ellen Fisher

Lilykoi Hawaii

Caitlin Shoemaker

Jinti fell

Lisa Lorles



High Carb Hannah

Sean Routledge

Plant based news

Vegan bodybuilders and fitness trainers:

Jon Venus


Vegan Physique

Vegan Hustle TV


How Not to Die

Eat to Live

The China Study

Diet for a New America

Fit for Life

Resources for Vegan Ethics and Environmentalism





Speciesism: The Movie

Movies :


Carnage: Swallowing the Past (mockumentary)

YouTube :


Mic. The Vegan

Vegan Speak

FullyRawKristina (I didn’t put her into the “Health” category because her lifestyle is unnatainable for most people)

BiteSizeVegan (excellent resource for kids as well as adults! She has a whole video series dedicated to children)

Supreme Banana

Sustainably Vegan

Gary Yourofsky


Diet for a New America

A Vegan Ethic: Embracing a Life of Compassion Toward All

Little Book of Veganism

Vegan: The New Ethics Of Eating

Children’s vegan friendly books:

Victor, the Vegetarian: Saving the Little Lambs

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

Winter is Coming

Santas’s First Vegan Christmas

V is for Vegan

How to Eat a Rainbow

Do Animals Have Feelings Too?